Marysya Rudska

watercolours, beasts and birds
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    Bird Сalendar 2020

    Commission work for the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds. Ukrainian folklore is full of birds of all kinds — magical and clairvoyant, evil and wise. This project is a crossover between birdwatching and fairy tales.
    Safe Place

Little Owl (Athene Noctua)

Rook (Corvus Frugilegus)

Eurasian Skylark (Alauda Arvensis)

Common Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)

Barn Swallow (Hirundo Rustica)

Common Nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos)

Turtle Dove (Streptopelia Turtur)

Eurasian Magpie (Pica Pica)

White Stork (Ciconia Ciconia)

Peregrine Falcon (Falco Peregrinus)

Greylag Goose (Anser Anser)

House Sparrows (Passer Domesticus)



whales, dolphins and porpoises

Bird Сalendar 2020

Ukrainian folklore birds

Birds, Beasts, and Relatives

illustrations for a Gerald Durrell book

Bird Calendar 2019

endangered species of Ukraine


dinosaurs, ichthyosauri and pterodactyls

Our Birds

illustrations for a book on birds

Calendar 2018 "Carpathians"

who lives in the mountains?

Bird Calendar 2017

feathered inhabitants of the steppe

Deep Ocean Fish

inktober 2017


children's book by Ira Tsilyk about Kyiv

Bird Tongue Twisters

illustrations for a children's book