Marysya Rudska

watercolours, beasts and birds
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    Freshwater Fish

    My personal project about silent and beautiful creatures that inhabit our lakes, rivers and ponds. I painted 22 species of freshwater fish and made posters, postcards and stickers with them.

Common Сarp (Salema Porgy)

Tench (Tinca Tinca)

Common Bream (Abramis Brama)

Sichel (Pelecus Cultratus)

Common Barbel (Barbus Barbus)

Crucian Carp (Carassius Carassius)

Common Rudd (Scardinius Erythrophthalmus)

European Perch (Perca Fluviatilis)

Eurasian Ruffe (Gymnocephalus Cernua)

Common Roach (Rutilus Rutilus)

Zander (Sander Lucioperca)

Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta)

Northern Pike (Esox Lucius)

Burbot (Lota Lota)

Wels Catfish (Silurus Glanis)

Gudgeon (Gobio Gobio)

Spined Loach (Cobitis Taenia)

European Weatherfish (Misgurnus Fossilis)

European Chub (Squalius Cephalus)

European Bitterling (Rhodeus Amarus)

Three-Spined Stickleback (Gasterosteus Aculeatus)



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