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Local History / Christmas traditions / Editorial

In this Local History's issue, I've illustrated an article about an ancient Christmas tradition in Ukraine and other countries.

Local History / Dnipro sturgeon / Editorial

I've illustrated an article about the comparison sturgeon population in the Dnipro river in the past and nowadays.

Literature calendar 2024 / Personal project

There is a list of reading recommendations accompanied by illustrations for every month of the year.

Literature calendar 2023 / Personal project

To share my passion I created a calendar with a Ukrainian poem for each month of the year accompanied by my illustration.

Local History / Vasyl Stus / Editorial illustration

I've illustrated an article about Ukrainian poet Vasul Stus

Tosya Reads / Reading blog illustration

Illustration for kid's YouTube reading channel

Local History / Magazine cover

According to paleontologists a significant part of Ukraine was the bottom of an ancient shallow sea.

Scuba / Editorial illustration

story about an adventurous dive trip to Scotland


whales, dolphins and porpoises

Bird Сalendar 2020

Ukrainian folklore birds

Birds, Beasts, and Relatives

illustrations for a Gerald Durrell book

Bird Calendar 2019

endangered species of Ukraine


dinosaurs, ichthyosauri and pterodactyls

Our Birds

illustrations for a book on birds

Calendar 2018 "Carpathians"

who lives in the mountains?

Deep Ocean Fish

inktober 2017


children's book by Ira Tsilyk about Kyiv

Bird Tongue Twisters

illustrations for a children's book