Marysya Rudska

watercolours, beasts and birds
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    Deep Ocean Fish

    What do we know about deep water life? It's gloving in dark thousand metres below the surface. It's still mysterious, and little known for humankind. Here is my small project about deep water fish. Ink.
    Black-and-White Birds


Common Fangtooth (Anoplogaster Cornuta)

Bearded Seadevil

Gunther’s Boafish (Stomias Affinis)

Thaumatichthys Axeli

Rondeletia Loricata

Toothed Seadevil (Neoceratias Spinifer)


Savage's Bird-Snouted Whalefish (Rhamphocetichthys Savagei)

Inflated Whiptail (Macrouroides Inflaticeps)

Pelican Eel (Eurypharynx Pelecanoides)

Bobtail Snipe Eel


Caristius Macropus

Striped Codlet (Bregmaceros Cantori)


Gigantura Indica

Eutaeniophorus Festivus

Unicorn Crestfish (Eumecichthys Fiski)



whales, dolphins and porpoises

Bird Сalendar 2020

Ukrainian folklore birds

Birds, Beasts, and Relatives

illustrations for a Gerald Durrell book

Bird Calendar 2019

endangered species of Ukraine


dinosaurs, ichthyosauri and pterodactyls

Our Birds

illustrations for a book on birds

Calendar 2018 "Carpathians"

who lives in the mountains?

Bird Calendar 2017

feathered inhabitants of the steppe

Deep Ocean Fish

inktober 2017


children's book by Ira Tsilyk about Kyiv

Bird Tongue Twisters

illustrations for a children's book